Diving Services


Blackwater Diving’s experienced and highly qualified personnel can perform a wide range of work both offshore and inland with a capability of providing surface supplied air and mixed gas diving support to -300’.  The company is a State of Louisiana Licensed Contractor (52119) providing construction, inspection and salvage support to the oil and gas industry.  Blackwater is a member of the ADCI operating under the 29 and 46 CFR Guidelines for Commercial Diving Operations.  Blackwater Diving is a member/subscriber to ISNetworld and Veriforce, providing the client with important OQ information on its dive personnel.  Whether the client needs require a call out dive spread or the services of the M/V BLACK DIVER III, Blackwater Diving is prepared to provide safe diving services 24/7.

Offshore/Inland Diving Services Include:

Barge and Drill Rig Support

Pipeline Abandonment

Pipeline and Riser Installation/Repairs

Sub-Sea Assembly Completion

Anode Installations

Well Abandonment

Platform Repairs/Removals

Site Surveys/Clearances

Level I, II, III and IV Platform Inspections

Non-Destructive Testing (Ultrasonic and Magnetic Particle Testing)

Hand Jetting

Sub-Mar Mat Placement

Underwater Burning

Underwater Video/Photography