Diving Services

Blackwater Diving’s experienced and highly qualified personnel can perform a wide range of work both offshore and inland with a capability of providing surface supplied air and mixed gas diving support to -300’.  The company is a State of Louisiana Licensed Contractor (52119) providing construction, inspection and salvage support to the oil and gas industry.  Blackwater operates under the 29 and 46 CFR Guidelines for Commercial Diving Operations.  Blackwater Diving is a member/subscriber to ISNetworld and Veriforce, providing the client with important OQ information on its dive personnel.  Whether the client needs require a call out dive spread or the services of the M/V BLACK DIVER III, Blackwater Diving is prepared to provide safe diving services 24/7.

Offshore/Inland Diving Services Include:

Barge and Drill Rig Support

Pipeline Abandonment

Pipeline and Riser Installation/Repairs

Sub-Sea Assembly Completion

Anode Installations

Well Abandonment

Platform Repairs/Removals

Site Surveys/Clearances

Level I, II, III and IV Platform Inspections

Non-Destructive Testing (Ultrasonic and Magnetic Particle Testing)

Hand Jetting

Sub-Mar Mat Placement

Underwater Burning

Underwater Video/Photography